Josh Tom

Josh Tom

Well done Tom, on winning the Mainline bait bundle with ticket number 185 and only just up the road from us! First entry on the winners wall!

Richard Morrison

Well done Richard, on being one of the first ever winners here at Carp Hunter Giveaways, Richard won the Korda glasses with ticket number 152

Olly O'Brien

Olly O'Brien

Well done Olly on winning the RidgeMonkey Cookware Bundle with ticket number 164

Michael Parker

Michael Parker

Well done Michael on winning the Fantastic Fox Explorer Rod & Reel with ticket number 158

Dave Eve

Dave Eve

Dave wins the Nash Monster Air Cradle with ticket number 40 well done mate, Looking forward to pictures with a 50lber in it.

ash spencer

Ash Spencer

Ash wins the Fox Carpmaster air mat with ticket number 83, thanks for entering and we look forward to seeing pics of your next catches.

andrew rice

Andrew Rice

Andrew won the Fox Halo power pack with ticket number 65, that should keep all the batteries topped up bankside now, well done again.


Robert Silverwood

Robert collected his win of the Mainline bait bundle, well done and that should keep you in bait for a while.


Gary Flavell

Gary won the first set of Delkim TXI-D with RX-D receiver this was in our "Go Big or Go Home draw" Well done Gary and hope you hear plenty of one toners!

Phiilip Hanley

Phillip Hanley

Well done Phillip on winning the Nash Hook Doctor no more blunt hooks, with this awesome bit of kit. Well done


John Tarry

Well done John on winning the LTD edition Rueben Heaton scales, we look forward to hearing about you weighing your new PB.

106717376_196178188486029_6927746004454668883_n copy

Paul Brown

Well done Paul on your win, of the Fox STR retainer sling. Look forward to seeing a picture of you weighing a nice chunk in it.

107569026_582836405711676_3854485219104800273_n copy

CJ Charlesworth

Well Done CJ won yourself some great baits there, hope you have room left in that freezer! Hopefully they help to land a new PB

IMG_8836 copy

Andy Newman

Well done Andy on winning the Carp Freak pop ups set, Hope they help put more carp on the bank!


Leanne Bennington

Leanne, won the set of 3 Nash Dwarfs & Holdall with just one ticket in the draw, Here her son Rowan poses with his new rods, unless his dad decides to have them, Well done again.

IMG_8893 copy

Phillip Acton

Phillip won our first Sticky Bait bundle, well done Phillip and good luck on the bank! hope these help land a new PB

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Mark Collins

Mark won our first Mega Mixed tackle bundle, well done! and hope you put them all to good use.